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Digital Vs Prints

Somehow people have been brainwashed into believing that digital files are the best option when, in fact, they are not. Digital images are MEANT to be is a temporary method of storage: all too many things can go wrong with digital media leaving you in a lurch with a ton of images that were never printed; images that will never be displayed in your beautiful home; images that will never be archived and made permanent. Lets face it, for many people, after you get back your disc from said photographer, the disc goes in the drawer to never see the light of day…maybe JUST MAYBE to be unearthed (i…


Prints last a life time compared to digital images

Creating a portrait for someone is showing their true self, I'm capturing you and the people you love, your wife your children, one day these images will be priceless. There is no money on the planet that will take your family back to this moment where I have captured you and put that on paper forever. I stopped time for your family and the generations of people that belong to your bloodline and it will forever be the most valuable thing that your family will own, and when your not here your children will look at these images and say this was my Father/Mother this was my grandfather/grandmothe…



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